Can I Build Another Me? by Shinsuke Yoshitake

Values: Self-Belief, Pride, Confidence, Respect, Community.

Shinsuke Yoshitake’s books are utterly engaging from the moment you open them. In this story, the main character is fed up of doing things he doesn’t want to do… so he decides to invent a robot to do them for him. The robot asks to know everything about him so he can imitate the little boy, but the boy finds it increasingly difficult to teach someone to be exactly like him.

The message behind this story is that each and every person is unique. I have used this book many times as part of Values and PSHCE teaching when asking children to reflect on ‘What makes me, me?’ The children have questioned, and unpicked, what it means to value yourself and show self-belief and pride. They have developed confidence in teaching their peers about what makes them special as well as listening to, and showing respect for, others.

The way Shinsuke Yoshitake writes is engaging, modern and humorous, and the children have been giggling whilst reading it – often asking to borrow the book or hear it again the next day. It has also gone down well in a whole-school assembly when we discussed the Value of community and what makes us special.

I love the way it unpicks the way we grow as people - how we change and also how we keep elements of our personalities, likes, dislikes and history as we get older. The illustrations make this abstract concept very concrete for even the youngest readers.

This book, amongst others by Shinsuke Yoshitake, are a staple in my classroom and I will be reading them to my nieces when they are old enough too! Find your own copy here at Blackwell's.

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