Pass It On by Sophy Henn

Values: Positivity, Community, Friendship.

Pass It On will be an assembly-classic in years to come, I believe. It is a simple yet effective picture book about passing on joy and happiness to others.

The concept is very easy - it encourages children to look for positivity and give the same to others. It may be a smile, a giggle, something fun to do! Even when days are grey and rainy, there is fun to be had and memories to make. I love the simplicity of the book showing children making others happy. It reminds me of the Random Acts of Kindness movement, which many children love to be a part of. This book is empowering as the message is that we all have the opportunity to make our own happiness and we all have the ability to pass that joy on to others.

Maybe at home or in school, you could discuss what brings the children joy and happiness. We have this conversation often in my class and it sometimes surprises you what the answers can be (once you get past 'getting a new Xbox'). Some children love sitting and reading their book quietly, others like playing with a friend, some children like everyone singing to them on their birthday, others like making a cake for everyone in the class. When we learn to appreciate that everyone's 'happiness' looks different, we can learn to work as a community to spread joy in different ways.

If you fancy grabbing this for your home or classroom, you can find it here or in local bookshops. You can see more of Sophy Henn's books on her website too.

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