Ravi's Roar by Tom Percival

Values: Empathy, Determination, Patience, Peace, Positivity.

Ravi's Roar is just one of Tom Percival's books that I love. I have used them time and time again in classes, PHSCE, assemblies, group work and with individuals. My nieces will certainly be getting a full set when they are a little older. At the moment, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are surrounded by children and adults who are learning to cope with new experiences and new emotions. We have all been thrown into a scary and unpredictable world, and any books that promote healthy discussions about emotions are a winner for me!

In this book, Ravi is a little boy who sometimes struggles to control his temper, and a tiger is released! When something doesn't go his way, he growls, a stripy tail pops out of his trousers, and eventually a high ROAR bursts out of him. Ravi soon notices that nobody wants to play with him when he turns into a tiger though and so he has to learn to control his roar.

This book is relatable to so many different children, and indeed adults. Although the children found the story funny to begin with, we talked about things that makes them angry and how they act when they feel this way. We began to empathise with Ravi, but also the children around him who felt a little scared and didn't want to be near him. Determination is a key Value in this book as Ravi really has to work at not letting his temper get the better of him. He also has to show patience and peace. Eventually, of course, Ravi learns to control his inner tiger and feels more positive about when things don't go his way. He sees that he has more friends and this makes him feel better.

This is a perfect book for a bedtime story or a circle time. It also works with larger groups like assemblies and the pictures are beautifully illustrated to show Ravi's tiger as bright red in contrast to a black and white background. I cannot recommend Tom Percival's books about dealing with emotions highly enough.

Find yours locally in a bookshop near you or shop online. Many bookshops may not be open at the moment, but they are still able to post books out to you! If you want to follow Tom Percival on Twitter, his handle is @TomPercivalsays .

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